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ALBUM: 100% Ginuwine: ARTIST: Ginuwine. PRODUCER(S): Ginuwine, (exec) Barry Hankerson, (exec) Harry Hankerson, (exec) Jomo Hankerson, (exec) Ted Bishop, Jonathan Mookie. Morant, Timbaland. RECORD LABEL: 550 Music/Epic. GENRE: R&B, Hip Hop, soul. LENGTH: 71:34 RATING: Unrated. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 3 / 16 / 1999 SUMMARY: 100% Ginuwine is the 2nd studio album by artist Ginuwine,this double Platium selling album features the hit singles same Ol G, What's so different?, none Of Ur Friends Business, and So Anxious.

TRACK LISTING 1. Little Kidz. 2. Little Man's Bangin' (lude) 3. What's So Different? W/P Boyce, Hart, Lumpkin, Mosley. 4. So Anxious. W/P Bush, Garrett, Mosley. 5. None Of Ur Friends Business. W/P Lumpkin, Mosley. 6. Wait a Minute. W/P Lumpkin, Mosley. 7. I Know. W/P Lumpkin, Morant. 8. Do You Remember (interlude) W/P Lumpkin, May, Mosley. 9. No. 1 Fan. W/P Garrett, Mosley. 10. Final Warning (Interlude) Garrett, Mosley, Feat. Aaliya. 11. I'm Crying Out. W/P Lumpkin, Mosley. 12. Two Sides To A Story. W/P Lumpkin, Mosley. 13. Same Ol G. W/P Douglass. Garrett, Mosley. 14. All Nite All Day (Interlude) W/P Austin, Bishop, Lumpkin. 15. Toe 2 Toe. W/P Lumpkin, Mosley. 16. She's Out Of my Life. Bahler

Singles 1. Same Ol G Release Date: 2. What's So Different? Release Date: 4 / 13 / 1999 3. None Of Ur Friends Business. Release Date: 10 / 29 / 1999 4. So Anxious. Release Date: 11 / 23 / 1999