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TOY: Marvel Universe 3 3/4" Action Figures.- BY: Hasbro.- CHARACTER: Angel. SERIES: Marvel Universe.- WAVE: 20.- NUMBER: 021.- ACCESSORIES: Wings, Collectable Comics Shot.- RELEASE DATE: Jan (2013).


CHARACTER STATS: REAL NAME: Warren Kenneth Worthington III. HEIGHT: 6'.- WEIGHT: 150 lbs.- HAIR COLOR: Blond.- EYE COLOR: Blue.- SPECIES: Human,Mutant.- KNOWN RELATIVES: CITIZENSHIP: U.S. Citizen.- PLACE OF BIRTH: Centerport Long Island, New York.- FIRST APPEARANCE: X-Men (Vol I) # 1. September/1963.

INTELLIGENCE: Normal.- STRENGTH: Enhanced, Angel can lift/press upto 1100lbs.- DURABILITY: Superhuman, Angel's body is totally adapted for flight with hollow bones that are still just as strong but more flexible than normal men's, and no body fat that makes him a lot lighter than men his height and size but has much greater muscle mass than normal humans which makes his body much tougher and injury resistant than normal humans, but he can still be hurt and injured by conventional weapons and hazards, but has a super healing factor that can heal him from fatal wounds, sickness, and makes him totally resistant to all known Earthly diseases.-STAMINA: Superhuman, Angel can fly and preform at his peak levels for many hours before he fatigues and get tired.- SPEED: Athlete: Angel can run faster than most humans but still not on a superhuman level.- FLIGHT SPEED: Angel can fly at speeds upto 150 MPH.- REFLEXES: Enhanced, Angel's hand-eye and movement coordination is far better than normal humans and is able to easily evade and out maneuver attacks and other flying objects.- AGILITY: Superhuman, Angel's balance, dexterity and flexibility is far greater than normal humans especially when he's in flight.- OTHER SUPERHUMAN POWERS: SPECIAL SKILLS: Angel is highly skilled combatant especially in aerial hand to hand combat. He is also a very Talented Businessman who's wealth has ranked him in the lower part of the fortune 500 list.

OTHER CHARACTER(S) In The Wave: Hercules, Nighthawk, Nova, Puck.