Aquaman (Short Hair Classic)

Aquaman  (Short Hair Classic)
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DC Universe Classics 6" Action Figures By Mattel. CHARACTER: Aquaman.- SERIES: DC Universe Classics.- WAVE: 2.- NUMBER: 2.- ACCESSORIES: Trident, Right Arm Of Gorilla Grodd B.A.F.- RELEASE DATE: ORIGINAL PRICE:


CHARACTER STATS: AQUAMAN, REAL NAME: Arthur Curry, Orin. HEIGHT: 6'1".- WEIGHT: 325 lbs.- HAIR COLOR: Blond.- EYE COLOR: Blue.- FIRST APPEARENCE: More Fun Comics # 73, (Sept 1941)

INTELLIGENCE: Normal. STRENGTH: Superhuman, Aquaman Can Lift/press up to 60 Tons out of water which gradually decreases but also increases in water to and unkown level.- DURABILITY: Superhuman, Aquaman is bullet proof and highly resistant to most coventional weapons and haszards and is especially resistant to high impacts/pressure, extreme cold, lightening, Aquaman also heals from flesh and superficial wounds instantly.- STAMINA: enhanced to superhuman, Aquaman can preform at his peak levels on dry land for up to an hour unaided before he tires and fatigues, but in water he has unlimited stamina.- SPEED: Superman Aquaman Can run on dry land at upto 50 mph, and can swim at speeds up to 10,000 feet per second (near Mach 1).- REFLEXES: Superhuman Aquaman's reaction time hand-eye and movement coordinaton are far greater then normal humans.-AGILITY: Aquaman's dexterity balance and flexibility are much better than normal humans.- OTHER SUPER POWERS: Aquaman can live on land added for long periods of time and under-water for indefinite periods of time via gills to breath water and a superhuman body that is adapted to survive the ocean's harsh envirorments, he has enhanced sight which allows him to see perfectly no matter how dark it is, and has enhanced hearing that also gives him limited sonar abilities, and also has an heightened sense of smell. Aquaman can also commuicate (talk) see through the eyes of and control sea animals and even those creatures who live off watery enviroment such as seagulls, alligators, pelicans, so on.- SPECIAL SKILLS: