Archangel (Retracted Wings And Mask) Variant

Archangel (Retracted Wings And Mask) Variant
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MARVEL UNIVERSE 3 3/4" Action Figures By Hasbro. CHARACTER: Archangel. SERIES: Marvel Universe. WAVE: 8. ACCESSORIES: Retracted Wings, Mask. RELEASE DATE: April / 2010. ORIGINAL PRICE: 7.99.


CHARACTER STATS: Archangel, REAL NAME: Warren Kenneth Worthington III.- HEIGHT: 6'.- WEIGHT: 150 lbs.- HAIR COLOR: Blond.- EYE COLOR: Blue.- SPECIES: Human Mutant.- FIRST APPEARENCE: As Angel X-Men (Vol I) # 1 September / 1963. As Archangel X-Factor Vol I, # 24, January / 1987.

INTELLIGENCE: Normal- STRENGTH: Enhanced, Archangel can lift/press upto 4000lbs (2 Tons).- DRUABILITY: Superhuman, Archangel,Angel) has a much stronger and injury resistant body then Normal humans but can still be hurt by conventional weapons and hazards but his body can heal even very serious wounds, poisons, at an accelerated rate and makes him immume to all known diseases.-STAMINA: superhuman, Angel,Archangel's respiratory system and lung capacity is far greater than normal human's, which enables him to breath at high speeds and fly for long periods of time.-Angel can fly and or perform at his peak levels for upto 12 hours before he starts to fatique and get tired.- SPEED: Athlete, Archangel can run faster then normal humans but not at super human speed.- FLIGHT SPEED: Superhuman, Angel can fly at speeds upto Mach 1 mph.- REFLEXES: Archangel's reaction time, hand-eye and movement coordination are better then normal humans especially when flying.- AGILITY: Archangel's dexterity, balance, and flexibility are far greater then normal humans, especially when he's flying.- OTHER SUPER POWERS: Archangel can fly via natural wings on his back that can be feathered or steel like in which he can use his wings as slashing weapons and can also expell his feathers with tremendus force the tip of his feathers can become coated with a paralizing chemical at his will which renders his enemies motionless for short periods of time. Archangel has super hearing and sight and has a very high resistance to harsh weather conditions such as cold, heat, high winds and rain.Angel's blood can also heal the injuries sickness and diseases of others who are of a compatable blood type.- SPECIAL SKILLS:

TEAM(S) AFFILATION: The X-Men, The Champions Of Los Angeles, The Defenders, X-Factor I, The Horsemen of Apcalypse, X-Force II.

Other Figures In The Wave: Colossus, Juggernaut, Archangel (Full Wings), A.I.M. Soldier, Kitty Pryde, Havok (Modern Costume), Havok (Classic Costume).