Aurora (Northstar Variant)

Aurora (Northstar Variant)
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MARVEL UNIVERSE 3 3/4" Action Figure. BY: Hasbro. CHARACTER: Aurora. (Alpha Flight) Northstar Variant.- SERIES: Marvel Universe.- WAVE: 24.- NUMBER: 027.- ACCESSORIES: None.- ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: Nov (2013).


CHARACTER STATS: REAL NAME: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier.- HEIGHT: 5'11".- WEIGHT: 140lbs.- HAIR COLOR: Jet Black with silver highlights (Natural).- EYE COLOR: Blue.- SPECIES: Human,Mutant.- KNOWN RELATIVES: Jean-Paul Beaubier,Northstar) (Twin Brother).- CITIZENSHIP: Canadian.- PLACE OF BIRTH: Montreal Quebec Canada.- FIRST APPEARANCE: Uncanny X-Men # 120. 4 / / 1979.

INTELLIGENCE: Normal.- STRENGTH: Peak-human, Aurora can lift/press upto 1000lbs.- DURABILITY: Enhanced, Aurora is fairly resistant to conventional hazards and conditions such as Heat, Cold, High Impacts/small explosions. but when using her powers her resistance to injury become much increased to superhuman levels making her highly resistant to conventional weapons and hazards including small caliber gunfire, friction and higher levels of force/impact Heat/Fire, Cold, Explosions, she can also heal from wounds far faster than normal humans due to her super speed exceloration she can speed up her natural healing process.- STAMINA: Superhuman, Aurora can use her super speed powers Running, Flying at top levels for many hours before getting fatigued and tired.- SPEED: Superhuman, Aurora can run at speeds upto the speed of sound (770 MPH).- FLIGHT SPEED: Aurora can fly at speeds upto 99% of the speed of light (186,272 Miles per second), but never go anywhere near that speed for fear of the damage it will do to the environment and her own body.- REFLEXES: Superhuman, Aurora's reaction time, hand,eye and movement coordination is far beyond most people's and can easily evade attacks and other moving objects even those things that are moving at great speeds also.-AGILITY: Athletic, Aurora's balance, dexterity and flexibility is that of a woman of her age and size that engages in daily extensive workouts.- OTHER SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Light Projection, when in contact with her twin brother Northstar, Aurora and he can generate flashes of blinding white light upto 1 million can and can also fire damaging photon blast from their hands. SPECIAL SKILLS: Talented Teacher.- TEAM AFFILATION: Alpha Flight.

OTHER CHARACTER(S) In The Wave: Omega Red, Northstar (Variant), Nightcrawler (Uncanny X-Force Costume), Black Knight.