Avengers Vs X-Men # 2

Avengers Vs X-Men # 2
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Avengers Versus X-Men # 2. PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics. WRITER(S) Jason Aaron. ARTIST: Jimmy Cheung. COVER ARTIST: Jimmy Cheung. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 4 / 18 / 2012. COVER PRICE: $3.99. RATING:

STORY TITTLE: SUMMARY: As the opening shot is fired, The Avengers storm the beaches of utopia, and the Phoenix draws ever nearer to the earth! but which side will Wolverine fight on? and what choice will Hope make that will change the direction and scope of the confilct dramatically?..AVX

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Iron Man, Magneto, Cyclops, Thing, Captain America, Rogue, Thor, Wolverine, Hope.