Batman # 49 (Variant)

Batman # 49 (Variant)
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COMIC BOOK: Batman # 49 Vol II, The New 52. (Cover B Variant). PUBLISHER: DC Comics. WRITER(S) Scott Snyder. ARTIST: Yanick Paquette. COVER ARTIST: Neal Adams. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 2 / 10 / 2016. COVER PRICE: $3.99. RATING: Teen +.

STORY TITLE: SUMMARY: It is time. Bruce Wayne has reclaimed his true past as Batman. Now he must descend into the cave and face what he once was. Can he truly leave behind a life free from the pain and anguish of the Bat? Can he plunge once more into the madness and purpose that once consumed him? In this special, thrilling issue, watch as the fate of Bruce Wayne, and Batman, is decided once and for all.

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Batman.