Batman Detective Comics # 8

Batman Detective Comics # 8
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Batman Detective Comics # 8. PUBLISHER: DC Comics. WRITER(S) Tony Daniel. ARTIST: Szymon Kudranski. COVER ARTIST: ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 4 / 4 / 2012. COVER PRICE: $3.99. RATING:

STORY TITTLE: SUMMARY: Bruce Wayne's girlfriend investigative journalist Charlotte Rivers tries to protect a long-hidden secret even when her own life hangs in the balance. The Scarecrow is after knoledge only she possess, and he'll stop at nothing to get it from her. can Batman uncover Charlotte's secret past in time to save her future? with the clock ticking and a dose of newly designed fear gas in the air, Batman must first fight his own nightmare as all of Gotham City turns against dont miss the start of a new back up story written by Tony S.Daniel and illustrated by Szymon Kudranski, (Penguin Pain And Prejudice).

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Batman.