Batman Detective Comics # 992

Batman Detective Comics # 992
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COMIC BOOK: Batman Detective Comics # 992. PUBLISHER: DC Comics. WRITER(S) James Robinson. ARTIST: Carmine Giandomenico. COVER ARTIST: Carmine Giandomenico. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 11 / 14 / 2018. COVER PRICE: $3.99. RATING: Teen +.

STORY TITLE: "DEFACE THE FACE, A Fighting Man!" Pt 5. SUMMARY: There’s a new Dynamic Duo in Gotham City—introducing Batman and Two-Face! What the what?! The Dark Knight is forced to team with old friend and current enemy Harvey Dent to stop a Kobra-sponsored terrorist attack. Can Batman really trust his life to a coin flip? Even worse, Bats and Two-Face are of two minds over recruiting the two Fireflies for help—if Batman’s gonna work with so many villains, he may as well join the Legion of Doom.

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Batman, Two-Face.