Batman: The Murder Machine # 1 (3rd Print)

Batman: The Murder Machine # 1 (3rd Print)
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COMIC BOOK: Dark Knights: Batman The Murder Machine # 1 (Cover C 3rd Print). PUBLISHER: DC Comics. WRITER(S) Frank Tieri. ARTIST: Ricardo Federici. COVER ARTIST: Ricardo Federici. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 1 / 24 / 2018. COVER PRICE: $4.99. RATING: Teen +.

STORY TITLE: "HEAVY METAL!" SUMMARY: As the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL rock the DC Universe, the creatures of the Dark Multiverse stand ready to invade our world! How can even the World's Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be powerful, nightmare versions of familiar figures? Find out in these special tie-in issues!

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman.