Beta-Ray Bill

Beta-Ray Bill
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TOY: Marvel Universe 3 3/4" Action Figures. BY: Hasbro. CHARACTER: Beta-Ray Bill. SERIES: Marvel Universe. WAVE: 4. NUMBER: 011. ACCESSORIES: Hammer. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 2012. ORIGINAL PRICE: 9.99 to 11.99.

SUMMARY: from the smoldering wreckage of his home world, Beta Ray Bill was cast off - a survivor chosen to find a new planet for his fellow Korbinites he soon encountered Thor, and after a brief but honorable skimish. emeraged victorious. so impressed was Odin that he rewarded the korbinite with the battle hammer know as Stormbreaker, with this mighty weapon of virtue, Beta-Ray Bill became a true threat to the galaxy's darkest evils!

CHARACTER STATS: REAL NAME: Beta-Ray Bill.- HEIGHT: 6'7" WEIGHT: 480 lbs. HAIR COLOR: None. EYE COLOR: None. SPECIES: Korbinite KNOWN RELATIVES: CITIZENSHIP: New Korbin. PLACE OF BIRTH: New Korbin Burning Galaxy. FIRST APPEARENCE: The Mighty Thor Vol I # 337 (11/1983).