Big Time Spider-Man

Big Time Spider-Man
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MARVEL LEGENDS 6" Action Figure.- BY: Hasbro.- CHARACTER: Big Time Spider-Man.- SERIES: Arnim Zola (2012).- WAVE: 2.- NUMBER 7.- ACCESSORIES: None.- ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: (2012).- RETAIL PRICE: $15.99. to $19.99.

SUMMARY: Spider-Man, he's got a New Suit and a New Attitude. this web-slinger just hit the Big Time!

FUN FACT: spidey first appear in big time costume in The Amazing Spider-Man #

CHARACTER STATS: REAL NAME: Peter Benjamin Parker.- HEIGHT: 5'10" WEIGHT: 165 lbs.- HAIR COLOR: Brown.- EYE COLOR: Hazel.- SPECIES: Human.- KNOWN RELATIVES: May Parker (Aunt).- CITIZENSHIP: U.S. Citizen.- PLACE OF BIRTH: Forest Hills, Queens New York.- FIRST APPEARENCE: Amazing Fantasy # 15 (1962).-

INTELLIGENCE: Gifted.- STREGTH: Superhuman Class C, parker can press/lift upto 20 tons.- DURABILITY: Class C, parker is fairly resistant to conventional weapons and hazards and has enhanced resistants to physical impact, heals faster than normal humans in a somewhat superhuman way.- STAMINA: Superhuman parker can perform at his peak levels in most ways for very long periods of time, but not when using his peak levels of strength wich fads quickly when used at peak level.- SPEED: Superhuman, parker can run at speeds upto 45 mph.- REFLEXES: Superhuman Class B,