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ALBUM: Bobby Valentino. ARTIST: Bobby V PRODUCER(S) Ludacris, (exec) Chaka Zulu, Tim & Bob, Jeff Dixon, Gary Gizzo Smith, Lamar Edwards, Larrance Dopson, Steve Swift Thornton, Rondell Duke Williams. RECORD LABEL: Distubing Tha Peace/Def Jam Records. GENRE: R&B, Hip Hop. LENGTH: 62:34. RATING: Unrated. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 4 / 26 / 2005.

SUMMARY: Bobby Valentino is the self tittled debut (1st) studio album by R&B singer Bobby V, this gold selling album features hit singles. Slow Down, Tell Me, and My Angel (Never Leave You)

TRACK LISTING 1.Some Bobby. WRITER(S) Annan Gause, Gary Smith, B.J. Wilson. 2.Slow Down. WRITER(S) Tim Kelley, Bob Robinson. 3.Give Me A Chance. WRITER(S) C.Bridge T.Kelley, B.Robinson. Feat. Ludacris. 4.Never Lonely. WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson, Wilson. 5.Mista Valentino (Interlude) WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson, Wilson. 6.Tell Me. WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson, Wilson. 7.My Angel (Never Leave You) WRITER(S) Kelley, Robibson, Wilson. 8.I Want You To Know Me. WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson, Wilson. 9.Gangsta Love. WRITER(S) Larrance, Dopson, Lamar Edwards, Steve Thornton Wilson. 10.Come Touch Me. WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson. 11.I'll Forgive You. (Interlude) WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson. 12.I'll Forgive You. WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson, Wilson. 13.Love Dream. WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson, Wilson. 14.Lights Down Low. WRITER(S) G.Colbert, Rondell Williams, Wilson. 15.One Girl To love. WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson, Wilson. 16.Thank You Lord (Outro) WRITER(S) Kelley, Robinson. 17.Slow Down (Remix) International Bouns Track) WRITER(S) Dalvin Degrate, R.Jones, Kelley, Robinson, Wilson.

Singles 1.Slow Down. Release Date: 3 / 8 / 2005 2.Tell Me. Release Date: 8 / 2 / 2005.