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ALBUM: Breathe. ARTIST: Faith Hill. PRODUCER(S) Byron Callmore, Faith Hill, Dann Huff, RECORD LABEL: Warner Bros. GENRE: Country, Pop. LENGTH: 52:27. RATING: Unrated. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 11 / 9 / 1999.

SUMMARY: Breathe is the 4th studio album by country music recording artist Faith Hill this multi Platium selling album is one of the most successfull country/pop albums to date selling over 8 Million copies in the U.S, alone. Breathe was the 31st best album of the Billboard 200 and sold 13 million copies world wide.and features hit singles...Breathe, The Way You Love Me, Let's Make Love, and If My Heart Had Wings.

TRACK LISTING 1.What's In It For Me.....WRITER(S) Bekka Bramlett, Billy Bunette, Annie Roboff. 2.I Got My Baby......WRITER(S) Dipiero, Roboff. 3.Love Is A Sweet Thing.....WRITER(S) Brett James, Troy Verges. 4.Breathe.....WRITER(S) Stephaine Bentley, Robin Lamar. 5.Let's Make Love......WRITER(S) Marv Green, Chris Lindsey, Bill Luther, Aimee Mayo. Feat. Tim McGraw. 6.It Will Be Me......WRITER(S) Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick. 7.The Way You Love Me.......WRITER(S) Michelle Delaney, Keith Follese. 8.If I'm Not In Love......WRITER(S) Constant Change. 9.Briging Out The Elvis......WRITER(S) Louise Hoffsten, Leif Larrson. 10.If My Heart Had Wings......WRITER(S) Fred Knobloch, Roboff. 11.If I Should Fall Behine.....WRITER(S) Bruce Springsteen. 12.That's How Love Moves........WRITER(S) Jennifer Kimball, Ty Lacy, Fitzgerald Scott. 13.There Will Come a Day.....WRITER(S) Lindsey, Luther, Mayo.

Singles 1.Breathe. Release Date: 10 / 4 / 1999. 2.The Way You Love Me. Release Date: 2 /20 /2000. 3.Let's Make Love. Release Date: 2000. 4.If My Heart Had Wings. Release Date: 1 / 18 / 2001.