Burgertime: Party

Burgertime: Party
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VIDEO GAME: Burgertime: Party. BY: XSEED Games. PLATFORM: Nintendo Switch. SERIES: GENRE: Action, Arcade. RATING: E (Everyone). MODES: Single-Player, Multiplayer. RETAIL PRICE: $29.99. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 10 / 8 / 2019.

SUMMARY: A Feast for the senses - chock-full of carefully crafted stages with new hazards such as icy ladders, conveyor belts, and fiery floors, along with colorful characters inspired by old-school cartoons Stocked Full of secret ingredients - thwart food foes with the ol' Pepper spray, scorch them with jalapeno Breath, or just throw chicken nuggets at 'em and see what happens The more cooks in the kitchen, the merrier - local multiplayer allows up to 4 players to work cooperatively, or to play against each other by playing as one of the food Fast-paced matches, long-lasting fun - matches unfold in quick rounds across over a Hundred varied stages that satisfy players' Appetites for action while leaving them hungry for more