Captain America # 697

Captain America # 697
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COMIC BOOK: Captain America # 697 (Vol VIII). PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics. WRITER(S) Mark Waid. ARTIST: Chris Samnee. COVER ARTIST: Chris Samnee. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 1 / 3 / 2017. COVER PRICE: $3.99. RATING: Teen +.

STORY TITLE: "HOME OF THE BRAVE!" Pt 3. SUMMARY: Kraven the Hunter has a new target - and it's Steve Rogers! Trapped in unfamiliar territory, stripped of his shield and on the run, Cap must find a way to evade Kraven long enough to save an innocent life - but this time, that might be impossible! And just wait until you see the final page...

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Kraven (The Hunter).