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ALBUM: Celebrity. ARTIST: *N SYNC. PRODUCER(S) Rodney Jerkins, *N SYNC, Kristan Lundin. RECORD LABLE: Jive Records. GENRE: Pop, R&B, Urban. LENGTH: 49:47. RATING: Unrated. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 6 / 24 / 2001.

SUMMARY: Celebrity is the 3rd and final studio album by pop Boy Band *N Sync, this multi multi Platium selling album became the groups 3rd album to sell over 10 Million copies world wide and has the second biggest first weeks sale in history toped only by their own second album No Strings Attacthed selling 1.9 million copies in a week.

TRACK LISTING 1.Pop. WRITER(S) Brian Transeau, Justin Timberlake, W.Robson. 2.Celebrity. WRITER(S) J.Valentine, W.Robson, J.Timberlake. 3.The Game Is over. WRITER(S) JC.Chasez, Daymond Greggs. 4.Girlfriend. WRITER(S) The Neptuines. 5.The Two Of Us. WRITER(S) JC Chasez, Bradley, Daymond, Alexander Greggs. 6.Gone. WRITER(S) J.Timberlake, W.Robson. 7.Tell Me, Tell Me, Baby. WRITER(S) Max Martin, Rami Yacoub. 8.Up Against The Wall. WRITER(S) JC.Chasez, J.Timberlake, Daymond, Greggs. 9.See Right Through You. WRITER(S) Larry Campbell, W.Robson, J.Timberlake. 10.Selfish. WRITER(S) JC.Chasez, Veit Renn, Jolyon Skinner. 11.Just Don't Tell Me. WRITER(S) Andreas Carlsson, Kristian Lundin. Jake Schulze. 12.Something Like You. WRITER(S) J.Timberlake, Robin Wiley. 13.That Girl (Will Never Be Mine) WRITER(S) A.Carlsson, K.Lundin, J.Schulze 14.Falling. WRITER(S) Chris Kirkpatrick, Brian Popin, Garry Brown, Ira schickman. 15.Do Your Thing. WRITER(S) James Moss

Singles 1.Pop. Release Date: 5 / 15 / 2001. 2.Gone. Release Date: 9 / 4 / 2001. 3.Girlfriend. Release Date: 2 / 26 / 2002.