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ALBUM: Confessions. (Original CD Cover 1) ARTIST: Usher. PRODUCER(S) Jermaine Dupri, Destro Music, Lil Jon, Rich Harrison, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Robin Thicke, Bryan-Michael Cox, Just Blaze, Dre & Vidal, Bobby Ross Avila, James Big Jim Wright. RECORD LABEL: LA Face/Arista Records. GENRE: R&B, Soul, Pop. LENGTH: 60:30. RATING: Unrated. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 3 / 23 / 2004.

SUMMARY: Confessions is the 4th studio album by Singer/Actor Usher Raymond,this multi Platium selling album sold over 1 Million copies in its first week and is the 2nd best selling album of the 2000s decade, this is some of usher's best work with hit singles. Yeah, Burn, Confessions Pt II, My Boo ( Featured On Special Edition CD Cover 2) and Caught Up. This is A Must Have For Fans and CD Music Collectors.

TRACK LISTING. 1.Intro. PRODUCER(S) James Jlack Lackely. 2.YEAH. PRODUCER(S) Lil Jon. Feat. Lil Jon, Ludacris. 3.Throwback. PRODUCER(S) Just Blaze. 4.Confessions (Interlude) PRODUCER(S) Jermaine Dupri. 5.Confessions Pt II. PRODUCER(S) Jermaine Dupri. 6.Burn. PRODUCER(S) Jermaine Dupri. 7.Caught Up. PRODUCER(S) Dre & Vidal 8.Superstar (Interlude) PRODUCER(S) Aaron Spears, Arthur Strong, Juan Johnny Najera, Usher, Valdez Brantley. 9.Superstar. PRODUCER(S) Dre & Vidal. 10.Truth Hurts. PRODUCER(S) Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis. 11.Simple Things. PRODUCER(S) Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis. 12.Bad Girl. PRODUCER(S) Destro Music. 13.That's What It's Made For. PRODUCER(S) Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis. 14.Can U Handle It.? PRODUCER(S) Robin Thicke, Pro J. 15.Do It To Me. PRODUCER(S) Jermaine Dupri. 16.Take Your Hand. PRODUCER(S) Rich Harrison. 17.Follow Me. PRODUCER(S) Dre & Vidal.

Singles 1.YEAH. Realase Date: 2 / 3 / 2004. 2.Burn. Release Date: 4 / 13 / 2004. 3.Confessions Pt II. Release Date: 6 / 8 / 2004. 4.My Boo. Release Date: 9 /21 / 2004. 5.Caught Up. Release Date: 12 /21 / 2004.