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MARVEL UNIVERSE 3 3/4" Action Figures By Habro. CHARACTER: Cyclops. SERIES: Marvel Universe. WAVE: 13. NUMBER: 010. ACCESSORIES: None. RELEASE DATE: April / 2011. ORIGINAL PRICE: $7.99.


CHARACTER STATS: Cyclops, REAL NAME: Scott Slim Summers.- HEIGHT: 6'3".- WEIGHT: 195 lbs. HAIR COLOR: Brown.- EYE COLOR: Brown.- SPECIES: Human Mutant.- FIRST APPEARENCE: (X-Men Vol I) # 1. August / 1963.

INTELLIGENCE: Above Normal.- STRENGTH: Normal Cyclops has the normal strength as any man his age, size, and weight, who engages in regular intense workouts.- DURABILITY: Normal.- STAMINA: Normal Cyclops Has The Normal stamina as any man his age and size who engages in regular intense workouts.- SPEED: Normal.- REFLEXES: Normal.- AGILITY: Normal.- OTHER SUPER POWERS: Cyclops has the Mutant ability to fire powerful beams of ruby color force energy from his eyes with various power levels wheather it is to harmlessly move/push some one away or punching a hole through or even flattan a mountain! Cyclops Optic Blast are a force to be rekoned with.- SPECIAL SKILLS:


Other Characters in tthe Wave: Cable (Hope), Cable (Variant), Wolverine (First Appearence), Apocalypse, Gladiator.