DAKEN Dark WOLVERINE # 1 (2nd Printing Variant)

DAKEN Dark WOLVERINE # 1 (2nd Printing Variant)
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Daken, Dark Wolverine # 1 (2nd Printing Variant) PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics WRITER:: Marjorie Liu, /Daniel Way. PENCILLER: Guseppe Camuncoli. COVER ART:Gabriele Dell'otto, / Marko Djurdjevic RATING: PARENTAL ADVISORY ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 10 / 20 /2010. COVER PRICE: 3.99.

SUMMARY: Empire - For Decades Daken, the son of Wolverine! remained hidden in the shadows of the Marvel Universe,methodically ploting how he would one day dominate the world around him. and now,with his father's soul hanging in the balance,that day has come....this is the beginning Parental Advisory.

Character On the Cover: Daken.