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ALBUM: Dare Iz A Darkside. ARTIST: Redman. PRODUCER(S) Erick Sermon, (exec) Reggie Noble. RECORD LABLE: Def Jam Records. GENRE: (E C) Hip Hop/Hardcore Rap. LENGTH:64:03. RATING: PARENTAL ADVISORY. ORIGINAL: RELEASE DATE: 11 / 22 / 1994.

SUMMARY: Dare Iz A Darkside is the 2nd studio album by Rapper Redman, this Gold selling album features hit singles Rockafella, Can't Wait, and the always popular Sooperman Luva II

TRACK LISTING 1.Dr. Trevis. PRODUCER(S) R.Noble. 2.Bobyahead2dis. PRODUCER(S) Clinton, Noble, Shider, Spradley, Stinson. 3.Journey Throu Da Darkside. PRODUCER(S) R.Noble, E.Sermon, Whitfield. 4.Da Journee. PRODUCER(S) R.Noble. 5.A Million and 1 Buddah Spots. PRODUCER(S) R.Noble, E.Sermon. 6.Noorotic. PRODUCER(S) R.Noble. 7.Boodah Session. PRODUCER(S) R.Noble. 8.Cosmic Slop. PRODUCER(S) K.Murray, R.Noble, E.Sermon. Feat. Erick Sermon, Keith Murray. 9.Rockafella (R.I.P.) PRODUCER(S) R.Noble, E.Sermon. Feat. Rockafella. 10.Rockafella. PRODUCER(S) Clinton, Collins, Haywood, Noble, Worrel. 11.Green Island. PRODUCER(S) Anderson, Noble, Stillman. 12.Basically. PRODUCER(S) Noble. 13.Can't Wait. PRODUCER(S) Hardly James, Noble Sermon. 14.Winicumuhround. PRODUCER(S) Clinton, Noble, Sermon, Shider, Spradley. 15.Wuditlooklike. PRODUCER(S) Noble. 16.Slide and Rock On. PRODUCER(S) Clinton, Mason, Noble, Shider, Telson. 17.Sooperman Luva II. PRODUCER(S) Gating, Noble, Roy, Stewart, Watson. 18.We Run N.Y. PRODUCER(S) Burdon, Chandler, Lomax, Noble, Parker, Rodriquez. Feat. Hurricane G. 19.Dr. Trevis (Signs Off) PRODUCER(S) Noble. 20.Tonight's da Night (Remix) PRODUCER(S) James, Redman, Stone.

Singles 1.Rockafella. Release Date: 11 / 1 / 1994. 2.Can't Wait. Release Date: 1 / / 1995.