Demi-God # 1 (Variant)

Demi-God # 1 (Variant)
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COMIC BOOK: Demi-God # 1 (Cover B Variant). PUBLISHER: IDW Publishing. WRITER(S) Ron Marz. ARTIST: Andy Smith. COVER ARTIST: Bart Sears. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 4 / 4 / 2018. COVER PRICE: $3.99. RATING:

STORY TITLE: SUMMARY: The next Ominous Universe title is here! With great power comes great… wait, how does that go again? Demi-God is a contemporary superhero tale like no other. When irresponsible slacker Jason McAndros suddenly gains the power of a god, the fourth wall isn't the only thing he breaks! As Jason revels in his newfound might, he begins calling himself Hercules and indulging in his every whim. What do you get if you mash up Deadpool and the Mighty Thor? This guy! New-school storytelling with an old-school superhero! Hercules? More like Jerkules, am I right? Ron Marz and Andy Smith cut loose!

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Hercules,