Deadman # 3

Deadman # 3
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COMIC BOOK: Deadman # 3 (Vol V). PUBLISHER: DC Comics. WRITER(S) Neal Adams. ARTIST: Neal Adams. COVER ARTIST: Neal Adams. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 1 / 10 / 2018. COVER PRICE: $3.99. RATING: Teen +.

STORY TITLE: SUMMARY: The Spectre, Etrigan the Demon and the Phantom Stranger smell death around Deadman-and they've come to get a whiff! But they're about to learn how little they know-because the secrets they seek are actually held in the mind of Deadman's father... and those secrets lie very close to a near-death experience.

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Etrigan, Deadman, The Spectre.