Defenders: The Best Defense # 1 (Incentive Variant)

Defenders: The Best Defense # 1 (Incentive Variant)
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COMIC BOOK: Defenders: The Best Defense # 1 (Cover D Incentive Variant). 1:25. PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics. WRITER(S) Al Ewing. ARTIST: Joe Bennett. COVER ARTIST: Arthur Adams. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 12 / 19 / 2018. COVER PRICE: $4.99. RATING: Teen +.

STORY TITLE: "THE BEST DEFENSE!" Pt 5. SUMMARY: “THE BEST DEFENSE” FINALE! The lost Atlanteans. The Train. The bedsheet man. Dead Steve. The Stock Exchange of Souls. Trust us, it all makes sense. In fact, it makes enough sense to destroy our entire solar system…unless four very different heroes can come together to stop it.

CHARACTER(S) On The Cover: Dr. Strange, Namor (The Sub-Mariner), The Silver Surfer, The Hulk.