Doom Patrol # 12 (Variant)

Doom Patrol # 12 (Variant)
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COMIC BOOK: Doom Patrol # 12 Vol VI (Cover B Variant). PUBLISHER: DC Comics / Young Animal. WRITER(S) Gerard Way. ARTIST: Dan McDaid. COVER ARTIST: Beeple. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 10 / 31 / 2018. COVER PRICE: $3.99. RATING: Mature Readers.

STORY TITLE: SUMMARY: A quest for adventurers level 16-20! Far beyond the mortal realms, the Reynolds family must overcome their familial challenges in order to claim Luciusí rightful place as the ruler of the Daemonscape, a place of horror, conflict and sorcery. It is filled with traps, beasts, difficult challenges, the Five Daemon-Lords of the Crystal Hells and Agantha, a demon trapped in the body of a dead squirrel.

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