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ALBUM: Elephunk. ARTIST: The Blackeyed Peas. PRODUCER(S) Apl De Ap, Will I Am, Ron Fair. RECORD LABEL:A&M/Will I Am/ Interscope Records. GENRE: hip Hop/Rap. LENGTH: 59:29. RATING: Unrated. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 6 / 24 / 2003.

SUMMARY: Elephunk is the 3rd studio album by hip hop group The Blackeyed Peas, this multi Platium selling albumhas sold 8.5 Million copies world wide and features hit singles. Where is the Love, Shut Up, Hey Mama, and the Maga Succesful Let's Get Retarded....This is also the album that singer Fergie joined the group.

TRACK LISTING 1.Hands Up. WRITER(S) Will I Am, Alan Lindo, Jaime Gomez, George Pajon Jr, Mike Fratantuno, Jean Baptiste, Billy May. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. 2.Labor Day ( Its a Holiday) WRITER(S) Will I Am, Pineda, Thomas Van Musser, James Brown, Phelps Catfish Collins, Williams Earl Collins, John Griggs, Clayton Gunnell, Darrel Jamison, Robert Mccullough, Clyde Stubblefield, Frank Clifford Waddy. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. 3.Let's Get Retarded. WRITER(S) Will I Am, Pineda, Gomez, Terence Yoshiaki, Fratartino, Pajon Jr. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. 4.Hey Mama. WRITER(S) Will I Am, Anthony Henrry. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. 5.Shut Up. WRITER(S) Will I am, Gomez, J.Curtis, Pajon Jr. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. 6.Smells Like Funk. WRITER(S) Will I Am, Pineda, Frantantuno, Pajon Jr. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. 7.Latin Girls. WRITER(S) Will I Am, Pineda, Gomez, Curtis, Pajon Jr, Debi Nova, PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. Feat Debi Nova. 8.Sexy. WRITER(S) Will I Am, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicinus De Moraes, PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. 9.Fly Away. WRITER(S) Will I am, Stacy Ferguson, Ray Brady. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. 10.The Boogie That Be. WRITER(S) Will I Am, John Stephens, Van Musser. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. Feat. John Legend. 11.The Apl Song. WRITER(S) Will I Am, Pineda. PRODUCER(S) Apl de Ap, Will I Am. 12.Anxiety. WRITER(S) Will I Am, Pineda, Jocoby Sheddix, Tobin Experiance, PRODUCER(S) Will I Am. Feat. Papa Roach. 13.Where Is The Love. WRITER(S) Will I Am, Justin Timberlake, Gomez, Pineda, Printz Board, Fratantuno, Pajon Jr, Curtis. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am, Ron Fair. 14.Third Eye. WRITER(S) Will I Am. PRODUCER(S) Will I Am.

Singles 1Where Is The Love. Release Date: 6 /16 / 2003. 2.Shut Up. Release Date: 11 / 4 / 2003. 3.Hey Mama. Release Date: 1 / 12 / 2004. 4.Let's Get Retarded. Release Date: 6 / 22 / 2004.