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ALBUM: Get Lifted. ARTIST: John Legend. PRODUCER(S) Kanye West, (exec) John Legend, Dave Tozer, Will I Am. RECORD LABEL: Good/Sony Urban Records. GENRE: R&B, Neo Soul, Urban Contemporary. LENGTH: 52:37. RATING: Unrated. ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 12 /28 / 2004.

SUMMARY: Get lifted is the debut (1st) studio album by singer John Legend, this double Platium selling album won a Grammy Award for best R&B album in 2006. and earned Legend 2 more awards for best new artist and best male R&B performance for his hit single Ordinary People! the album also spun off 3 other hits. Used To Love You, Number One, and So High.

TRACK LISTING 1.Prelude. 2.Let's Get Lifted. 3.Used To Love U. 4.Alright. 5.She don't have To Know. 6.Number One. Feat. Kanye West. 7.I Can Change. Feat. Snoop Dogg. 8.Ordinary People. 9.Stay With You. 10.Let's get Lifted Again. 11.So High. 12.Refuge (When Its Cold Outside) 13.It Don't Have To Change Feat. The Stephens Family. 14.Live It up. Feat. Miri Ben-Ari.

Singles 1.Used To Love You. Release Date: 8 / 31 / 2004. 2.Ordinary People. Release Date: 4 / 7 / 2005. 3.Number One. Release Date: 8 / 23 / 2005. 4.So High. Release Date: 12 / 8 / 2005.