DC Universe Classics Two-Packs

DC Universe Classics Two-Packs
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This DC Universe Classics 2-pack (Mad Love) Harley Quinn & The Joker, Includes Two 6" Scale Highly Detailed DC Univers Action Figures (Harley Quinn) (R) & (The Joker) (R) Harley Quinn is classicaly styled with a Joker repaint both figures has superior Articulation with Authentic Sculp (Some Teen And Female Figures Maybe Shorter Then 6")

CHARACTER INFO: The Joker, Real Name: Unknown.- OCCUPATION: Professional Criminal.- BASE Of Operations: Gotham City. FIRST APEARANCE: Batman # 1. Spring/1940. SPECIAL ABILITIES: homcidal Maniac, irrational, compulsion to test self against Batman employs varous weapons often based on party-gag items, the Joker's venom toxin that stretches it's victims face into a joker like grin and causes death.- BIOGRAPHY: The clown prince of crime is Batman's deadlest and most upredictable foe, he is rumored to be a failed stand up comedian turned petty criminal who fell into a vat of chemical waste while trying to escape from the scene of a crime. that incident turned his skin white and his hair green. Batman knows the Joker is mentally unbalanced, perhaps beyond help, which makes the end result of his actions that much more deadly!

CHARACTER INFO: Harley Quinn, Real Name: Dr.Harleen Quinzel.- OCCUPATION: former Psychiatrist, Professional Criminal.- BASE OF OPERATIONS: Gotham City.- FIRST APEARANCE: Batman The Animated Series. 2/ 1992, Comic Books, Harley Quinn # 1. SPECIAL ABILITIES: Above average Intelligence, Strength and Stamina, vary good hand to hand combat, and Gymnastics skills wicked sense of humor.- BIOGRAPHY: An Arkham Asylum psychiatrist assigned to treat The Joker, Dr.Harleen Quinzel was instead driven mad by the clown prince of crime and helped him escape. nearly as insane as The Joker himself Harley Quinn is a violent and unpredictable felon who will do anything to prove her love and loyalty to the Joker, her "puddin"