(Extremist) Iron Man (Blue Armor Variant)

(Extremist)  Iron Man  (Blue Armor Variant)
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MARVEL LEGENDS 6' Action Figure.- BY: Hasbro.- CHARACTER: Extremis Iron Man.- SERIES: Terrax (2012).- WAVE: 1.- NUMBER: 3 (variant).- ACCESSORIES: Right Leg piece to terrax builg a figure, tales of terrax/instruction leaflet.- ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: (2012).- RETAIL PRICE: $15.99. to $19.99.

SUMMARY: Exremis Iron Man, telepathicly controled biological intergration meet the new Invincible Iron Man enhanced by Extrenis!

CHARACTER STATS: REAL NAME: Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark.- HEIGHT: 6'1' (in armor) 6'3'.- WEIGHT: 220 lbs (in armor) 375 lbs.- HAIR COLOR: Black.- EYE COLOR: Blue.- SPECIES: Human.- CITIZENSHIP: U.S.A.- PLACE OF BIRTH: Long Island New York.- FIRST APPEARENCE: Tales of Suspense # 39 (1963).

INTELLIGENCE: Genius Level.- STRENGTH: Athlete (in armor) Superhuman Class B, stark can press/lift upto 80 tons.- DURABILITY: Athlete (in armor) Superhuman Class B, stark is tottally resistant to conventional weapons and hazards, and is still hightl resistant to unconventional weapons and hazards.- STAMINA: Athlete (in armor) Superhuman Class B, but usualy depends on how much energy he uses on a given time and if said energy out-put outweigh the armors ability to recharge or damaged in a situation/battle.- SPEED: Normal (in armor) unknown.- FLIGHT SPEED: None (in armor) Superhuman Class C, stark can reach speeds upto marc 3.- REFLEXES: Normal (in armor) Normal.- AGILITY: Normal (in armor) Normal. SUPER HUMAN POWERS: None (in armor) stark has many powers and abilities built into his armor, besides giving him super strength, nigh invenrability, and flight, he can fire powerful repluser rays from the palms of his hands,