A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words
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A Thousand Words. STARRING: Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington, Cliff Curtis, Clark Duke, Allison Janney, Ruby Dee, John Witherspoon. PRODUCER(S) Nicolas Cage, Alain Chcbat, Brian Robbins. WRITER(S) Steve Koren. DIRECTOR: Brian Robbins. STUDIO: Paramount. RUNTIME: 91 Min. RATING: PG-13. RELEASE DATE: 6 / 26 / 2012. FORMAT: Blu-Ray.

SUMMARY: Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) is a fast talking literary agent who can close any deal any time, any way he can! and he has set his sights on new age guru Dr.Sinja (Cliff Curtis) for his own selfish purposes, but Dr.Sinja is on to him and Jack's life comes to change when a migical boddhi tree shows up in his yard!