(First Appearance) Wolverine

(First Appearance) Wolverine
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MARVEL UNIVERSE 3 3/4" Action Figures By Hasbro.- CHARACTER: Wolverine (First Appearence) SERIES: 3 Marvel Universe. WAVE: 13. NUMBER: 008. ACCESSORIES: Stand. RELEASE DATE: April / 2011. ORIGINAL PRICE: $7.99.

SUMMARY: With the Hulk (TM) rampaging across the territories, the Canadian government sends in their ultimate weapon. where the entire might of the U.S. military has falied, it is hoped that the man only known as Wolverine can succeed. The Hulk may be bigger and stronger, but for the first time he is outmatched in sheer savagery, as the clawed hero fights him nearly to a standstill.

CHARACTER STATS: Wolverine, REAL NAME: James Howlett / Logan. HEIGHT: 5'3".- WEIGHT: 300 lbs, Due To the Adamantium Alloy bonded to his bones.- HAIR COLOR: Black.- EYE COLOR: Blue.- SPECIES: Human Mutant.- KNOWN RELATIVES: Viper/Madame Hydra) (Ex Wife), Itsu, (Wife,Deceased), Eristra (Son), Daken (Son), Laura Kinney,X-23) (Clone), Amiko Kobayashi (Adopted Daughter), Possibly Victor Creed,Sabertooth) (Half Brother).- CITIZENSHIP: Canadian.- PLACE OF BIRTH: Alberta Canada.- FIRST APPEARENCE: (The Incredible Hulk Vol I) # 180 / 181, October / November 1974.

INTELLIGENCE: Above Normal.- STRENGTH: Enhanced, Wolverine can lift/ press upto 3000 lbs, (1 1/2 Tons).-DURABILITY: Superhuman, Wolverine has the normal skin and muscle density as any normal human, but due to his Mutant healing factor which allows him to quickly heal from any wound, poisons, and diseases and the Adamantium Metal bonded to his bones making them unbreakable Wolverine is nigh indestructable.- STAMINA: Enhanced Wolverine can perform at his peak levels for many hours before he starts to fatique and gets tired (But Logan Never Gives Up).- SPEED Enhanced Wolverine can run a 73 second Mile.-REFLEXES: Enhanced Wolverines reaction time hand-eye and movement coordintion are far greater then normal humans.- AGILITY: Enhanced, Wolverine's dexterity, balance, and flexibility are far better then normal humans.- OTHER SUPER POWERS: Wolverine has enhanced senses his sight, hearing, and smell are highten to animal keeness, Wolverine also has natrual bone claws 3 on each hand that are a natrual part of his skeleton which are coated with Adamantium Alloy and are razor sharp and can cut through almost anything.- SPECIAL SKILLS:

TEAM(S) AFFILATION: Canandian Army, U.S. Army, Weapons Plus Program, Alpha Flight, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, The Hoursemen Of Apocalypse, The New Avengers.

Other Characters In The Wave: Cable (With Baby Hope), Cable, Apocalypse, Cyclops, Gladiator.